Rainy Lanes Dairy Foods Ltd supplies fresh and cultured dairy products to the food manufacturing and foodservice sectors. Rainy Lanes was formed in 2004 as Raines Dairy and Yoplait Dairy Crest exited this market. With thirty years experience of supplying high quality dairy products to the food industry, pioneering and developing the cultured dairy product ingredients market in the UK , Rainy Lanes is well placed to satisfy your requirements.

Built on this extensive knowledge, Rainy Lanes offers customers traditional Quality, Service, Flexibility and Value and can provide innovative solutions tailored to your own business needs.

Quality has always been of paramount importance and factories manufacturing Rainy Lanes branded products are accredited to EFSIS / BRC Grade A standards, with full traceability through modern quality management systems, covering stringent examination of both incoming raw materials and finished product, to ensure that they are of the highest quality available.

Service and delivery performance is of critical importance with short shelf life products and Rainy Lanes continues the tradition of delivering on time and in full, with the "personal touch" and customer focus, not possible in some larger organisations. Flexibility and a "can do" attitude remains and Rainy Lanes continues the tradition of putting the customers needs first.

Value. Pricing has become a most sensitive issue as both consumers and retailers demand the highest quality at the lowest price. Rainy Lanes products are manufactured in some of the most cost efficient, carefully selected dairies in the UK, situated as close to abundant milk fields as possible. With the power of buying larger runs than individual customers could command, Rainy Lanes is able to pass these savings onto you. Dealing with Rainy Lanes can be compared favourably to joining a dairy products buying co-operative.

Product Development is key to the growth of your business and of the Rainy Lanes brand too. Speciality ingredients can be tailored to the needs of you the customer and a premier class sample delivery service remains part of the package.

Partnership is often a misused word in the retail sector, but can still hold true in the foodservice and food manufacturing sectors. Rainy Lanes is committed to continuing to use the true meaning of the word, by contributing its commercial, technical and product development skills to ensure we all prosper in these challenging times.